Whispers of a City

Mixed Reality Mobile App for Android

The Challenge

The goal was to create a mobile application which allows people to share and access information bounded to a place - but only “near the corner”. And that information can only be accessed when you reach the place physically.

Mobile development for Whispers of a City


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Date: May 2016

The world is in the motion. Public information flows and is available to anybody and accessible from anywhere. But some information do not deserve this type of treatment. It may be secret, but not private. Bounded to a place. And only those who visit that place deserve to know it and share it.

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The Solution

The solution consists of development of native mobile app for Android which allows creation of whispers corners. These are some kind of “virtual boxes” where people can read messages or where they can add textual information or post image.


Key features of mobile application


Mixed Reality content is mapped to a physical location.

Various devices

We developed the mobile application optimised for all kinds of Android devices.

Map experience

Interesting map experience, beyond the gray of everyday life.

UX for mobile app Whispers of a City

App UX analysis

We start with the formulation of User Stories which express what the user will be able to do and which actions he will be able to perform in the application. Then we continue with the creation of User Interaction Diagram where we assign individual User Stories to app screens or system components. The final result of user experience analysis is Low Fidelity Prototype which clearly denotes from which user interface components every screen consists.

Mobile app design for Whispers of a City

App design

The design is a soul of an app and with a clear idea about user experience of the application, we can focus on this next task. Being based on a thoughtful UX, the design defines if the application will be accepted or rejected by its target group.

This mobile application has been carefully designed to provide great experience on all sorts of Android devices - from low-end to high-end.

Android application development for Whispers of a City
Mobile development for Whispers of a City

App development

Every whisper corner is bounded to location on a map. The information it contains can be seen and read only when you reach proximity of the corner.

The system has a mobile app for Android which can be used both to read and/or write text messages and to capture photos to whispers corners as well as to locate them. We also developed a backend with API for mobile app and web administration from where all the corners can be managed and kept in a good health.

The Result

The outcome of this project is a curated mobile application for Android devices, available to everyone for free. The app is a nice place where people can share information and photos in virtual space inside a physical world.

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