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The Challenge

The goal was to build a presentational website which showcases the complex technical aspects of our client’s services in an easy way to his customers.

Responsive website development for Alkion


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Date: October 2016

The user experience had to be lightweight and all the important information had to be presented “at a glance”. We had to simplify complex technical explanation of services which our client offers to his customers and present them in easy and understandable way.

The important part of the project was the heterogeneous nature of our client customer’s target group. The website had to be done in a way, that all parts of the target group should be able to find information relevant to them. While being company owners, office building maintainers or military ship captains.

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The Solution

The solution consists of development of responsive presentational website and content management system (CMS).


Key features of website


The information presented on the website has to be understandable by different target groups.

Responsive layout

The website adjusts user experience based on the type and size of the device where it is viewed on.


Our client is able to adjust all the information shown on the website by himself. The CMS is a safe and flexible way how to make management of the website easier even for not so much experienced users.

Multiple Languages

The website supports multiple languages. All content has available translations. User can choose language on the website.

UX for web app Alkion

Website UX analysis

We start with the formulation of User Stories which express what the user will be able to do and which actions he will be able to perform in the application. Then we continue with the creation of User Interaction Diagram where we assign individual User Stories to app screens or system components. The final result of user experience analysis is Low Fidelity Prototype which clearly denotes from which user interface components every screen consists.

Web design for Alkion

Web design

The design is a soul of an app and with a clear idea about user experience of the application, we can focus on this next task. Being based on a thoughtful UX, the design defines if the application will be accepted or rejected by its target group.

This website has been carefully designed to provide great experience on all sorts of devices.

Design of responsive web for Alkion
Website development for Alkion

Web development

As well as on many presentational websites these days, even on website of our client are some pieces of information shown on multiple places within the website. Thanks to the advanced features of the CMS, one piece of information can be shown on multiple places but edited easily on just one. That simplifies management of the website and saves time for the administrator.

The Result

The result is the responsive presentational website. All the information on the website are available in Czech, English and German languages.

Information, images and the whole design of website are carefully created in a way that all users can easily find what they need.

Website development for Alkion
Web development for Alkion

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