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Harley-Davidson Česká spořitelna Fraus Alza.cz
Mobile apps development and landing page creation for Thriftigo


Mobile apps and landing page

Thriftigo is an app for anybody who is interested in or loves thrift shopping. We developed mobile applications for Android and iOS, backend with API and landing page.

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UX analysis, design and mobile apps prototype creation for Signslate


UX, design and mobile apps prototype

Signslate is a mobile app which connects deaf people with an interpreter over a videochat. We created UX, beautiful design and a prototype for both mobile platforms - Android and iOS.

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Mobile apps development and web apps development for Harley-Davidson


Mobile apps, e-shop and web backend

We created event management system for up to 300 000 users including e-shop, backend application with administration, web application and mobile apps for Harley-Davidson’s 115th Anniversary event in Prague.

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IoT platform development, web application development and mobile applications development for Anemone


IoT platform, mobile apps and web app

Anemone is a platform for IoT makers based on open source and open hardware. We developed various components like drag and drop editor, cute landing page, web app with backend, beautiful mobile apps and 3D printable device cases.

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Mobile development for Fraus

Fraus AR

Android app with Augmented Reality

Fraus AR is an augmented reality mobile application. We developed a system that allows our client to enrich textbooks for students with 3D models and augmented reality through a mobile app for Android.

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Mobile app development for Whispers of a City

Whispers of a City

Mixed reality mobile app for Android

Social network which allows people to share and access information bounded to a place - but only “near the corner”. We developed mobile application for Android and web backend with API.

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Mobile applications development and web application development for Meditation Easy

Meditation Easy

Mobile apps and web app

We created mobile apps and web app which allow users to consume audio meditation content. Consistently across devices, users can start their experience on the web and continue on mobile phone.

See case study
Mobile apps development for Orbit Klub

Orbit Klub

Mobile apps for Android and iOS

We developed mobile applications for Android and iOS with backend and API which supported two months of marketing campaign for the branding of two new flavors of popular chewing gums.

See case study
Mobile development for Parlike


Mobile application for iOS

Parlike is a mobile app for iOS which allows users to take streams of photos and quickly organise them. These photos can be organised using titles and marked with tags.

See case study
Mobile app development for German with Moritz

German with Moritz

Gamified educational mobile app for iPad

Learn German with Moritz! We developed carefully designed multiplatform tablet mobile application for iPad in Unity Engine with the support for in-app purchases.

See case study
Web development for Alkion


Responsive presentational website

We built a responsive presentational website with CMS which showcases technical aspects of our client’s services in an easy way to his customers.

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