IoT Apps Development

We build IoT platforms connected to mobile apps and web apps

We build platforms

Juicymo connects your business
to the world of Internet of Things.

Internet of Things and Big Data - two areas which shape the world around us. We have experience in both.
From creating a device prototype to finding the best way how to process, visualise and understand the gathered data. We empower your world with smart technologies.

Have an idea for IoT platform? Do you need help with Internet of Things device prototype? Do you need to connect IoT to mobile or web app? We can help you with that. We do IoT apps and IoT to mobile and web apps integrations.

We build IoT platforms
Our IoT spices

Our spices: IoT, Prototyping, 3D Print, 3D Modeling and Big Data visualisations.

We are connecting IoT with mobile apps and web apps

Connecting worlds

We have experience in creating apps connected to IoT. We always love to connect the latest technologies together.

We do platform prototyping

Platform prototyping

We build Internet of Things platforms and we are also using 3D print for prototyping.

We help with IoT apps development

Experts help

We love to help the community, we write open source and organise or speak at development conferences in Czech Republic or abroad.

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How we integrate IoT with mobile and web apps

For the whole time, we will work closely together with you. We can connect your web or mobile application to an Internet of Things solution, create hardware device prototype from open hardware components and integrate it with your web backend or mobile app, or integrate your existing device with a brand new mobile app. As our client, you will see how your IoT application or platform grows. From the idea through prototype to the smart customised IoT platform.

Idea for IoT platform development


This is the first step towards your IoT solution or platform. It is usually “the thing” with which you come to us or we will specify it together. Here we ask questions like Why, How and What. We will help you to explore your idea using the Lean Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas also.

IoT platform scheme


We will create and define the architecture of the solution, as well as an electrical scheme and feature set of a prototype or already existing IoT device.

IoT platform prototype

IoT Prototype

We will build a device prototype based on the electrical scheme or a feature set. Or we can connect already existing hardware to a cloud platform or brand new mobile app.

Programming IoT platform


With a working hardware device prototype or integration with already existing hardware device in our hands, we will focus on the development of the actual platform - web application in the cloud or a mobile application running on iOS or Android.

Sparkling IoT Platform

Sparkling IoT Platform

When the actual programming is done, a sparkling IoT platform or solution is born. Ready to welcome its first users. Ready to serve its purpose.

Support for IoT platform

Support (optional)

And what when your IoT solution or platform is done? Are you on your own from that moment? Definitely no! We also provide user and tech support services to our clients for every IoT app we build for them. Then you can be sure we are nearby to help you with any issue which might arise - as long as you need us.

Let’s talk about how we can create a sparkling IoT app for you or see our work.

One Sparkling IoT platform for me!
Created Sparkling IoT

Our additional services

Big Data

We can help you gather and analyze interesting information or data which your business generates every minute. System monitoring, Internet of Things devices or sensors, key performance indicators from your application - we can connect them all to a data warehouse or data processing systems like InfluxDB, ElasticSearch and others. We can build a Business Intelligence (BI) or analytical dashboards for you in tools like Grafana, Kibana or Google Data Studio. You will see what is happening in your business or app.





You will have all the information available at a glance. Let the computer do the hard work, your Big Data solution can give you a dashboard of interpreted data. Only data with meaning can help you make important business decisions.

I want a Big Data solution
We are also DevOps company


Do you have a feeling that the deployment process of your app is not so automated as it could be? Do your developers struggle with differences between development and production environments? Do you need a help with adopting Unit Testing or Test-Driven Development (TDD) in your company? Do you want to setup Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD)? We are strong in DevOps and we can help you be the same.

We can help you with DevOps

We can help your team to adopt modern DevOps approaches and tricks. We can encapsulate you application’s environments in Docker containers and help you have same conditions across all your application environments. We can help you configure Kubernetes clusters and teach your team to manage them on their own. We can help you automate things with tools like Ansible, Docker, docker-compose and Kubernetes. We can accelerate your web applications with tools like nginx, traefik, varnish or HAproxy.

We can help your team or company to let computers and automation work for you in your Developer Operations.

Help me with DevOps

Training and Consulting

We can teach everything we do, we love to share our knowledge on developer conferences and events in our beautiful country of Czech Republic or abroad. But more importantly, we offer training and consulting services to our clients as well.

Are you having slowdowns or problems in your application development project? We can help you with that! You can hire us on consulting services and our expert will help your team with any iOS or Android problems or issues you might have. Is your application too slow? Do you have problems with scaling it? Do you have too many queries to database? We are eager to help.

We like to share our knowledge. We have great skills in areas of native mobile apps development for iOS and Android, web apps development, DevOps and more. We can teach your team those skills as well.

We handle our consulting and training services under the brand. Juicymo Academy

Help me with a training

Developer events organizing

Would you like to organize developer-related events like hackathon, codelab or workshop? Don't you know how to do that?

We know how to organize developer oriented events as well - we have a couple of years of experience with organizing events like meetups (for example regular monthly based IoT Garage Prague or aDevMeetups), codelabs (for example the Dart + Polymer Codelab Prague), hackathons (for example the Young Guns Hackathon) and we also a have great experience with coordination of bigger multi-track conferences with amazing programme full of games, technologies, workshops and talks for hundreds to thousands of developers and tens of speakers (we were main organizers for the epic DevFest Prague 2013 developer conference).

Do you want to organize a developer related event? We are happy to help.

Help me with event

From our IoT portfolio

IoT platform development, web development and mobile applications development for Anemone

Anemone Platform

IoT platform, mobile apps and web app

Anemone is a platform for IoT makers based on open source and open hardware. We developed various components like drag and drop editor, cute landing page, web app with backend, beautiful mobile apps and 3D printable device cases.

See case study

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