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Mobile development and web development make us happy.

Juicymers wanted!

We're a team of developers and designers who share not only office and experience, but mainly their passion for technologies and trends in the digital. Since there’s not many of us, everyone's voice is heard, and thus we can work well together and be proud of our projects. New Juicymers are not expected to have plenty of experience behind them, what we seek is passion for both the job and also learning - a lot of it.
Are you in?

Our team stats

360+ Coffees per month

360+ Coffees per month

∞ Geeky toys

∞ Geeky toys

Unlimited fresh fruits

Unlimited fresh fruits

Who we're looking for

Mobile development for Android

Android Developer

Do you want to develop juicy Android applications?

I’m your Android guy!
iOS app development

iOS Developer

Love Apple and want to create juicy mobile apps for iPhone and iPad?

I’m your iOS guy!
Web development in Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails Developer

Interested in how scalable web apps in Ruby and gems are made?

I’m your Ruby guy!

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Do you want to build juicy, fresh and sparkling mobile and web apps?

I want to join your team!

Want to be a part of our team
and develop mobile or web apps?

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